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What is RoomTraq?

RoomTraq is a scheduling software which will empower the user by allowing them to schedule rooms, video conferences, and technology needs - all in one location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access RoomTraq?
    RoomTraq is accessible by visiting and logging in with your TAMHSC username and password.

    If you are from an external location and would like access you may browse the database as a guest user; however, to submit requests you will need to complete the "Request Account" page.
  • With RoomTraq live what happened to Outlook Calendar Room Calendars?
    Outlook Room Calendars will not be viewable; however, you may use the 'subscribe to calendar' feature to view RoomTraq calendars in Outlook. To add or edit an event you will still have to go through RoomTraq as subscriptions are only a snapshot of what is scheduled.

    To subscribe to a calendar or group of calendars:
    • Open the room calendar or group of room calendars within RoomTraq
    • Click on the top left link "Send subscribe Email"
    • You will receive an email from
    • Click on the Subscription Link(s) to execute each calendars subscription.
  • Can users edit or see other's events?
    Users may only edit their own events, with the exception of Schedulers.
    All events may be seen by others unless marked private; in the case of a private event only the event owner, room owner, and OIT may see the event.
  • What is the Texas A&M Health Science Center (Public) Calendar?
    The Texas A&M Health Science Center (Public) Calendar is a location where all public facing events can be publicized and pushed to our TAMHSC web page. All calendars that are listed with (Public) in the title will push to our web page calendars.
    If you would like to see a summary of events in your location you may visit the building calendar which will show you all events scheduled.
  • If an event owner needs to be edited due to an employee absence or vacancy, how would this be changed?
    Contact OIT Schedulers by email ( with a list of any events that need to be reassigned and whom to assign them to.
  • How do I know how many a room will seat and what equipment is located in the room?
    There are two ways to access the room detail information:
    • When on the Buildings page view the building you would like to reserve and select the "Rooms" option under the picture of the building. Once on the list of rooms located in the building you may click on the "Detail" option for each room you would like to review.
    • When on the Rooms page view the room you would like to reserve and click on the blue writing in the lower right hand corner(Capacity:173 Room Type: Large Lecture Hall) this will pop up the details for that specific room.
  • If a conference phone is requested where will the number be listed?
    If a conference phone is requested and there is not a permanent one in the room the number for the phone will be documented on the confirmation email; if there is a permanent phone the number is listed under room details.
    If you would like the conference phone to be set up as a video conference participant please note this in the comments.
  • Will the event/calendar subscription option work on both computers and mobile devices?
    RoomTraq has been developed with the intent to empower users to access the database from any mobile device while on the go.
  • When an image is added to an event why can't it immediately be seen?
    All images must go through an approval process and will not be added to a reservation until approved by Schedulers.
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