Monday - Friday
Regular Business Hours:  8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Scheduling Main Line:  979-436-0290
AV Support Main Line:  979-436-0950

Scheduling Request Form

Scheduling Feedback Form


Requests are processed by date in the order which they are received.  The priorities of submitted requests are as follows:

  1. Formal instruction to TAMHSC students and classes take priority to all other meetings/events.
  2. Required standardized testing or skill check-offs to TAMHSC students.
  3. Regular scheduled TAMHSC administrative meetings.
  4. Formal review sessions, discussion groups, etc. with TAMHSC students.
  5. Continuing professional education and workshops provided by TAMHSC faculty and staff.
  6. Student organization meetings.
  7. Informal student group study and review (outside of class).
  8. Last minute TAMHSC administrative meetings.
  9. TAMHSC events, including symposia, public meetings, receptions, etc.
  10. Community events (meetings, workshops, receptions).  Outside parties may be billed for services (i.e., custodial, security, IT).

For troubleshooting of classroom equipment contact AV Support at 979-436-0950.

AV Support Staff will be present in each location for video conference connection ten minutes proceeding the event start time to complete audio/video checks. Faculty/Presenters are encouraged to be present to allow for any questions/concerns to be addressed prior to the events start.

Special Equipment such as laptops, guest WiFi or computer accounts please contact the OIT Helpdesk at 800-799-7 TAMHSC(7472). Guest WiFi instructions are available on the helpdesk web site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After hour events, the requesting parties (or room participants) are responsible for ensuring the AV equipment is properly turned off and the room tidied up upon the completion of the event.

  • An AIM Facilities Work Request  should be submitted for any changes in room configuration, extra tables, or custodial assistance.   Fees may be charged if furniture must be manipulated.
    • Please remember to allow extra time before and after a meeting to accommodate room set-up and any necessary clean up.
    • Please keep in mind all requests may not be completed if the room manipulation proves excessive, is outside business hours or not scheduled within two working days.
    • If only a small change in room configuration or the setup of a single table is required, please enlist the employees in your college to assist. This will help assure that you get the arrangement that you need in a timely fashion and will keep the limited Facilities staff from being overloaded.
  • Indicate if CateringFood or Drinks will be brought into the facility in the “Special Needs” section of the scheduling request form and submit an AIM Facilities Work Request to advise facilities of same.  All caterers must report to the Security Desk where available.  In addition, all food requests are subject to the guidelines of the  Environmental Health & Safety Department of the TAMHSC.  Please direct questions regarding Health and Safety policies such as catered events or chafer wick fuel/open flame heat to Pam Burn, Assistant Director of Environmental Health & Safety, at 979-436-0532 or
  • Please refer to the Security Office guidelines on each campus regarding event Parking  needs and after hours room access arrangements.

Frequent User Procedures and Reference Information

New Scheduling Request

  • Complete and submit a scheduling request no less than 3 full business days in advance of your meeting, you will receive an automatic reply with a copy of your request.
  • If you fail to give sufficient notice every effort will be made to meet your needs if time permits; however, scheduling of your request cannot be guaranteed. 

Recording Requests

  • Instructional classes may be recorded with the provision of a valid TAMHSC email address where the recording can be sent.
  • Seminars may be recorded based on the availability of resources with the provision of a valid TAMHSC email address where the recording can be sent.
  • Meetings at this time will not be approved for recording as resources are limited at this time. Once additional resources have been obtained meetings may be recorded based on availability of resources.
  • Delivery of recording may take up to two working days. 

Video Conferencing with external sources not on an TAMHSC campus

  • Testing of all external video conference locations by OIT is required prior to the meeting date in order to ensure proper connection to the TAMHSC System. If a location is frequently used throughout TAMHSC it will be added to the 'External Location' listed in RoomTraq.
  • When submitting the request form please provide the appropriate information in the comments section. It is the requester’s responsibility to provide the external source IT contact information (Name, phone number and email address) AT LEAST five business days prior notice to ensure a test connection can be set up with the external location.

Video Conferencing with TAMU/TTVN (Trans-Texas Video conference Network)

  • Submit a scheduling request for your desired location(s) and include TTVN as an 'External Location'. Please ensure the title of your event matches what has also been used when scheduling through TTVN. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact OIT at 979-436-0950.
  • A scheduling request will also need to be submitted to TTVN on the TTVN Scheduling Page. All locations requested through TTVN will need to be reserved at their respective locations as well, TTVN will only serve as a bridge between the locations.

Change Requests

  • All changes are required no less than 2 full business days in advance of the change when a meeting will not occur exactly as it was originally scheduled, i.e., addition of rooms/sites, addition of a recording, change of date or time, deletion of rooms/sites or cancellation of date in a series.  An email may be submitted in place of a request form by replying to the original confirmation email with the details of the changes needed. It is at the schedulers discretion to accept an email request in lieu of a form submission based upon the level of details provided to ensure a high level of service.

Cancellation Requests

  • If a meeting is to be canceled the owner of the event will need to cancel within RoomTraq no less than 1 full business day in advance of the cancellation. An email may be submitted in place of a request form by replying to the original confirmation email with the details of the changes needed. It is at the schedulers discretion to accept an email request in lieu of a form submission based upon the level of details provided to ensure a high level of service.