Project requests may come from a variety of sources, namely Administration, Users or groups of Users, and from within the Office of Information Technology itself. Project initiation involves filling out a formal project request form for any IT projects. OIT leadership will assess whether it is a Capital Project; these will be managed with the DIR Project Delivery Framework.

All projects, regardless of size, will be assigned to the appropriate personnel by OIT leadership. Based on the scope of the project, a work group or additional project members may be assigned. Stages of a project may include:

  • Business Justification – initial review gate for selection and approval of the project
  • Project Planning – planning for both project management and technology-related activities and deliverables
  • Solicitation and Contracting – development and management of technology solicitations and contracts
  • Project Implementation – development, testing, and deployment based on project planning deliverables
  • Benefits Realization – final review gate for measurement and evaluation of all project outcomes

Adhering to the stages of project management increase the likelihood of successful IT projects.

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