With the exception of the following TAMHSC OIT Guidelines, all TAMHSC Guidelines have been replaced with TAMU Rules and SAPs. Please refer to the Texas A&M University Rules & SAPs at rules-saps.tamu.edu for reference.

Texas A&M Health Science Center Guidelines

Information Resources

Guideline Number Guideline Title
29.01.02.Z1.01 Software Licensing
29.01.03.Z1 Security of Electronic Information Resources
29.01.03.Z1.01 Network Access
29.01.03.Z1.02 Password
29.01.03.Z1.03 Application Security
29.01.03.Z1.04 Administrative/Special Access
29.01.03.Z1.05 Data Classification
29.01.03.Z1.06 Electronic Communication
29.01.03.Z1.07 Encryption
29.01.03.Z1.08 Incident Management
29.01.03.Z1.09 Internet
29.01.03.Z1.10 Intrusion Detection
29.01.03.Z1.11 Network Configuration
29.01.03.Z1.12 Physical Access
29.01.03.Z1.13 Portable Computing
29.01.03.Z1.14 Privacy
-Appendix A - Complaint Procedures for Electronic Information
29.01.03.Z1.15 Security Monitoring
29.01.03.Z1.16 Security Training
29.01.03.Z1.17 Platform Management
29.01.03.Z1.18 Vendor Access
29.01.03.Z1.19 Malicious Code
29.01.03.Z1.20 Change Management
29.01.03.Z1.21 Firewall
29.01.04.Z1.01 Accessibility of Electronic and Information Resources
29.01.99.Z1.01 Acceptable Use of Information Resources
29.01.99.Z1.02 System Development
29.01.99.Z1.03 Backup/Recovery
29.01.99.Z1.04 Vulnerability Assessment
29.01.99.Z1.05 Account Management
29.01.99.Z1.06 Wireless
29.01.99.Z1.07 Definitions