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OIT Service Groups

Through efforts in telecommunications technology, OIT links individuals within TAMHSC to their colleagues and to the world. Integration of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology translates to a savings of time and money in an age of limited resources. Wireless access provides convenience across our network and among institutions worldwide. 

Support Services
OIT strives to offer effective, reliable computing support for faculty, staff and students to help them achieve their teaching, research and learning goals. Our support specialists are present at every TAMHSC component throughout the state effectively delivering the technology resources, tools and information necessary for our institution to achieve the levels of excellence set forth by our administration.

Systems and Security
The primary responsibility for building, maintaining, enhancing and securing the server and storage-based IT infrastructure for TAMHSC lies within OIT. In addition to the numerous specialized systems in use by various campus groups, this includes mission-critical systems such as data backup and recovery; email, student information systems, central directory and authentication systems; and file sharing services.

Colleges and communities are connected through an ever-growing videoconference network, with OIT managing, maintaining and troubleshooting the videoconference infrastructure of TAMHSC. A high-speed optical network is utilized to link our institution’s academic units throughout the state.

Web Services
OIT functions as a campus technology solutions provider dedicated to helping the entire TAMHSC with online needs. Web Services supports not only the technical aspects of websites and web applications but also the programming functions necessary for sites to operate effectively.

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