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Committees and Groups

Various interdepartmental committees and groups provide input regarding technology offerings at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center.

Texas A&M Division of IT Governance (ITG)

IT Governance provides assurance that Information Technology aligns with the outcomes required by Texas A&M University for successful fulfillment of its mission. It ensures that appropriate decision-making activities (prioritization and funding) are done in concert with the university’s strategic priorities, while taking into account input from a broad base of students, faculty and staff from across the university. Health Science Center staff and faculty participate in the IT Governance program through several committees.

Additional information and list of members are available at University-wide IT Governance program website.

Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC2)

The ITAC2 was formed in 2011 and is made up of Academic Technology representatives from each college. It provides input regarding the broad spectrum of technology needs and implementation across the Health Science Center, and is open to all staff and faculty in the Health Science Center. The committee chair is Kris Wuensche, Instructional Designer, College of Nursing. Elections take place every September.

Permanent members

  • Richard King, Interim Executive Director, Office of Information Technology
  • Gene Harrison, IT Manager, Office of Information Technology
  • Kris Wuensche, Instructional Designer, College of Nursing
  • Paul Brandt, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Technology and Curriculum Innovation,  College of Medicine
  • Carmina Castro, Senior Instructional Designer, College of Dentistry
  • Phuong Huynh, MEd, Director, Office of Assessment and Instructional Technology, School of Public Health
  • Elaine Demps, Ph.D., Director of Instructional Design and Support Services, College of Pharmacy

E-Learning Advisory Group

The E-Learning Advisory Group focuses on specific issues involving e-learning software and systems. Meetings are attended by course designers along with representatives from Academic Affairs, OIT, and colleges within the Health Science Center. For more information, contact your course designer.

Student IT Advisory Committee

The Office of Information Technology holds a monthly meeting with the student technology chairs from each college in the Health Science Center to discuss IT-related concerns and technology needs of the student body. Students of the Health Science Center can work with their student representatives or technology chairs if they have comments, suggestions, or concerns they'd like brought to this committee.


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