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Texas A&M Health Science Center

About Us

In 2004, the Office of Information Technology was created to develop and expand information technologies to support the education, administrative, research, clinical and outreach missions of TAMHSC.


The mission of OIT is to be a trusted partner in teaching, learning and discovery, providing valuable information technology resources to faculty, staff and students. By acting in technical, service and advisory roles, OIT will be instrumental in:

  • Supporting the health professions education curriculum
  • Optimizing delivery of support services
  • Developing and expanding services and infrastructure
  • Maintaining information security and compliance
  • Providing connectivity for future sites and campuses
  • Adhering to principles that promote stewardship of resources and overall efficiency

With a focus on professionalism, integrity and reliability, OIT leverages information technology innovations to work in the best interest of the entire TAMHSC community.


Technology is being integrated into every aspect of our changing world, and our institution is no exception. With components all across the state, TAMHSC has a unique set of requirements and challenges with regard to information technology. Fully integrating technology into all components by providing information, tools and services in a timely, professional and courteous manner is essential. The vision for OIT moving forward is to provide robust, reliable and secure technology resources while also facilitating a culture of openness, cooperation and service excellence.


Mr. Scott Honea is the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer of Texas A&M Health Science Center. Mr. Honea, along with OIT senior staff, strive to bring together technical expertise and customer service excellence in order to fully support faculty, staff and students of our institution.

A Texas A&M alum, Mr. Honea has worked in private industry as well as within The Texas A&M University System. He has been a part of the TAMHSC OIT team since 2005, playing an essential role in planning, development and support within OIT as Network and Systems Director and Information Security Officer.

The goal of Mr. Honea, and the entire department, is to transform technological resources and talents into an exceptional platform for learning, teaching, research and administration.

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